Adult aikido class | Tri City Aikido | Newark CA

Tri City Aikido dojo offers training for adults!  Yup, a few of the young ones snuck into the shot.  Our dojo promotes effective, traditional Aikido teachings.  That includes traditional terminology along with Japanese customs.  What can we promise?  You will learn to move your body to gain leverage, eliminate openings all while flowing.  One goal is to expend the least amount of energy to produce the greatest results.  This principle on nonresistance is amazingly effective when applied properly.  Here at Tri City Aikido, we'll show you how to do just that. 

Aikido PhilosophyAdult Aikido weapons training | Tri City Aikido | Newark CA

When training in the art of Aikido, you will come to find a non-competitive and peaceful environment is present.  A place to train where mutual respect is exercised for maximum personal growth.  Aikido was developed around a type of thinking that strides towards resolution through nonresistance.  Through the physical practice, clashing energy is removed and replaced with a mind and body that is centered and infused with the ability to blend and flow.  Everyone who comes to the dojo, trains for a different reason. Some enjoy the martial arts, some enjoy getting in shape while others enjoy the company of good people.  Come visit us.  There is no obligation to try us out.