AdultscompressedAikido martial art classes for adults

You will learn to use the least amount of energy to produce the greatest results.  Most martial arts are based off a method that promotes "Colliding" with the opponents force.  Aikido is the antithesis of force on force.  This principle on nonresistance is amazingly effective and will teach you how to equalize an offset situation by stripping the power and balance of your opponent.  Since Aikido is based in physics, it has the scientific formula to succeed.  This is why for decades, law enforcement has been using all of our control methods for detention and arrest.  

A Peaceful aproach to martial arts

Aikido flowing movements are easy on the joints and back, so training in the later part of your life is something to look forward to.  Your job will soon be to create flowing movement under stress. A flowing body will be relaxed and everyone knows that being relaxed under pressure is vital for making the best decisions. When training, it is crucial to continually remove the martial openings you have so an attacker has the most difficult time striking you. The way you stand, the distance created and the initial movements made allow you to take charge of the situation like most can't.

Aikido is not a sport

Aikido is budo.  Budo is a martial art which does not offer competition. The urge to hurt others for glory is removed.  Training in a budo/martial art like Aikido creates an environment where mutual respect is mandated.  In budo, the enemy is yourself.  Through your training, you will discover much about yourself.  When those shortcomings surface, whether they are physical, mental or spiritual, it would then be your job to face it head.  Character development is always at the forefront of budo training.  If you want to be respected, you must treat others with respect.  The constant focus on positive shifting, shaping and honing of a better self is vital in your training. To reflect is to grow.  You will move, stretch and work that body thoroughly in class.  The hope is in the coming months, you will have conquerred the old self and moved towards recreating a new you.  During your journey with Aikido, it's not uncommon to experience positive attributes like weight-loss and vitality all while learning a graceful martial art.  Fitness is a huge priority in society and it is common knowledge that, "Prevention is better than the cure".  Our training facility is clean, pleasant and inviting. Training in the traditional martial art of Aikido is unique in many ways:

Aikido Philosophy

In your Aikido physical practice you will come to find that you Aikido is backed by a truly peaceful philosophy.  Aikido was developed around a type of thinking that strides towards resolution through nonresistance.  It is not uncommon for someone who trains in a nonresistant martial art to have their outlook on life change for the positive.  On the other hand, if you enjoy banging heads, well then this art is not for you.  An Aikidoka finds it preferable to avoid collision both physically and spiritually. 

Everyone who comes to the dojo trains for a different reason. Some enjoy the martial arts, some enjoy getting in shape while others enjoy the company of good people. Take a look at our offer below and train as a guest.