Hello everyone.  For the next few weeks, we are having a "Summer special".  This includes 3 months of training and a standard size uniform. This special is for ages 4-Adult.  The guys in the video are well over 50!  No experience is necessary.  New students start every week. 

More information can be found on our "Getting Started" page. 3 month special 339x256 

Aikido | History | Concepts 

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art and with it's popularity, it is now practiced in over 130 countries worldwide. The proper pronunciation for Aikido is “Eye-Key-doh”. A simple interpretation/translation for Aikido can be, "The way of bringing together or harmonizing energy".  This is quite the opposite philosophy of what the standard martial art represents.    

Aikido promotes both the physical and mental strengthening during its daily practice.  The traditional martial art of Aikido stems from various older weapon disciplines like sword, spear and staff.  In any authentic practice place, weapon training is common.  At Tri City Aikido, we always use wooden weapons for the purpose of safety.      

Most martial arts commonly rely heavily on kinetic force/striking to defeat their attackers.  Aikido practitioners use the path of least resistance to control and subdue the attacker.  In other words, we do not collide or block an attackers force.  You can compare this approach to sailing.  If the captain of the boat attempts to move against the wind, gains will be minimal if nothing at all.  In Aikido, we intercept and blend with the forces that are placed upon us.  Aikido training will educate you in a series of joint manipulations, submissions, pins and throws.  There are many Aikido demonstration videos on our Tri City Aikido youtube channel.  

 One of O'Sensei's (founder of Aikido) top students was Hikitsuchi Sensei, Judan (10th degree black belt).  Hikitsuchi Sensei taught Aikido at the Kumano Jyuky dojo in Shingu Japan.  In this part of Japan, you will also find the Kumano shrines where O'Sensei made many spiritual trips.  The Kumano Jyuku dojo is well over 60 years old, making it the oldest Aikido dojo in Japan.  Currently, Tasaka Shihan, Nanadan (7th degree black belt) is one of the head instructors at the Kuman Jyuku dojo. Tasaka Shihan makes yearly visits to Tri City Aikido in the Bay area.  

Traditional Aikido Dojo

A Dojo is:  A place of study or training hall.  The Tri City Aikido dojo specializes "Only" in Aikido martial arts training.  Tri City Aikido stays involved with it's local communities and has done so in the Fremont, Newark and Union City areas for over 28 years.  That makes us the senior Aikido dojo in the area.  Anthony Campagna Sensei has lead the charge, holding the rank of Godan (5th degree black belt) through the Aikikai.  All training in the dojo is done in a traditional Japanese setting.  This includes the culture (language & etiquette), terminology and philosophy associated with the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido.  That means, you can travel to any authentic dojo, like in Japan, and fit right in because you will learn the proper way.      

Tri City Aikido is a member of the Aikikai Foundation located in Tokyo, Japan.  This is where the present Doshu (Grandmaster) resides and teaches.  Our parent school is the Kumano Jyuku dojo in Shingu, Japan.  Tasaka Shihan, master instructor, teaches at the Kumano Jyuku dojo and makes annual trips to the Bay Area.  We are very fortunate to receive such original teachings of Aikido.  The Kumano Jyuku dojo has been teaching Aikido in Japan for over 60 years and is the "Oldest" Aikido dojo in the world.  Tri City Aikido has received the honor and privelage to be an official satellite school.