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Tri City Aikido dojo (school of martial arts) has martial arts training in Newark, Fremont and Union City CA. and is one of the most acknowledged and respected martial arts training facilities in the tri city area.  Tri City Aikido is well established with a successful 20 year history of teaching over a thousand people martial arts in the Fremont area.  Tri City Aikido is the only Aikido dojo in the area with a direct affiliation to Japan.

What is Aikido? Aikido is the most efficient way of using your body that martial arts has to offer. A martial art based on nonresistance that teaches you how to position yourself in such a way where minimum effort is applied for the maximum result.  Aikido teaches you to take an opponent through a series of manipulations like joint locks, submissions, pins and throws and deal with a larger opponent with ease. No other martial art offers this.
Tri City Aikido offers classes for adults as well as children (ages 4 and above). We specialize in the traditional martial art of Aikido. Unlike mixed martial arts, like boxing, judo or karate, Aikido offers a full curriculum in martial arts.

Here you will learn:

Empty hand applications:

How to apply joint locks, How to throw, How to strike, How to grapple, Ukemi-The art of falling, Physiology of the body


How to use the sword/Kenjitsu, How to use the staff/Bojitsu, How to use the knife/tanto

History of Aikido

The art of Aikido was designed and founded by Morihei Ueshiba. Morihei Ueshiba was better known as O'Sensei (Great teacher) because of the many master instructors and students he produced during his time. Even though OSensei was short in stature, about 5 feet tall, the art of Aikido acted like an equalizer that would remove the strength from his much larger opponents and give him the ability to throw them with ease. Since Aikido is based on the principles of nonresistance, you to will learn the same techniques and principles used to become the most efficient martial artist you could possibly be. One way of looking at it is dealing with conflict without colliding or running away from it. If you struggle during conflict, then you are fighting. We teach you how "Not" to fight or struggle. You may compare this methodology to a Matador dealing with a charging bull. Keep in mind, a bull can flip a small car, yet a trained Matador can move with ease while leading the bulls action and avoiding the charge.

Aikido is a martial art that originated in Japan. Tri City Aikido dojo teaches in the same traditional format that is identical to the way Aikido is taught in Japan. This includes the culture, terminology and philosophy associated with the art.
Traditional martial arts are more commonly referred to as "Budo". In authentic Budo training, the use of weapons are commonly practiced. When training at Tri City Aikido, you can expect just that. Many of the movements stem from the art of sword (kenjitsu) and the art of the long staff (Bojitsu). We also incorporate the use of the knife (Tanto).