Weapons (Sword & Staff) training in the park

Saturday - 930am

"Byington park"

Byington Dr., Newark


Wednesday - 7pm

"Centerville Community Center" Next to Washington High School

3355 Country Dr, Fremont, CA 94536

"Vaccinated" Adults only

The training day "May" change week to week, so stay in touch

This "Wednesday" 7:00-815pm (Questions? text 510-468-4165)


centerville If you have any questions, just text me at (510) 468-4165


Vaccinated Adults only! 

Each week we train with weapons in a safe way. 

You are able to try Aikido with no obligation whatsoever. 

There is no charge for this training.  If you would like to make a donation, that would be welcome. 

It is mandatory to have your very own weapon.  These are the Covid rules we implement.  

The kids train with a "Shinai" (bamboo sword) as well as a "Jo staff"

The adults train with a "Bokken" (wooden sword)

You can purchase any of these items.  Follow the links.  Local pick up in Fremont!  


Jo staff (kids) We recommended 36" or 48"  Temporarily sold out

Jo staff (adults) We recommend 60"  Temporarily sold out

Bokken  Temporarily sold out


Due to Covid 19 All future seminars will be postponed

From the Kumano Jyuku dojo in Shingu Japan,TasakaShihanTeaching

Tri City Aikido is proud to welcome

Tasaka Shihan to our annual event.

Tasaka Shihan is a 7th dan Aikido, 5th dan Aikibojitsu




Class times are 630-830pm

Cost is $35.00/class


All are Welcome!

You can go to our youtube channel to see video