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Aikido martial arts training for children is everything a martial art should be for a young person. This is the age were good habits should be instilled into our children to last a lifetime.  Some of the benefits of training in martial arts:

Social etiquette training

This type of education and practice sets the foundation for a good person.  A lot of what we do here at the dojo must be applicable in daily life.  Learning how to get along and be polite is vital for personal growth in martial arts.  

Coping with problems

Each day, challenges are made and met.  I may give them a physical task that requires thinking to meet the goal.  

They develop the ability to focus

Sometimes, kids have a big issue just sitting still.  It's natural, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't ask for more.  These types of challenges can go a long way with a child, especially if they lack the necessary focus to begin with.  

Leader ship skill training

This happens daily.  There are leaders and followers in our world.  Not everyone is meant to lead, but the reality is, that day will come.  We strive to get our children to take charge of small groups and lead by example.   

Exercise program

Every class the children will workout.  Sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly where exercise is mixed in with games.  We do our best to get that heart working and send them home tired so everyone can get some sleep.  


This of course is expected.  A relentless example of "Serious fun" is implemented.  The children should be happy, but what's important is to know when to shut off laughter and turn on the serious side in order to get things done.  

Self defense-The kids will learn self defense.  We have a variety of empty hand applications along with sword and staff (wooden weapons).  The weapons training only happens when the child displays the type of seriousness earns them the right to train.  

Your child is important to us and we'll make sure they get the attention they deserve. Come on down and try us out. There is no charge or obligation for this trial class.