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Covid 19 update

Due to the Covid pandemic, we have temporarily closed the "Indoor" dojo.  


Aikido training is still available outdoors!  New people welcome.


Please go to the "Events page" for details.  

Some Aikido historyAikido self defense classes near me 

Aikido is a traiditional martial art originating from Japan.  It is pronounced "Eye-key-doh".  You can find more terms on our glossary page   

It is very difficult to define Aikido in a few sentences, but if we were to break down the 3 Japanese characters to the right

  • The first character is "Ai".  It means to harmonize or love
  • The second character is "Ki".  It is basically the internal energy that gives you life.
  • The third character is "Do".  This is the "Way" or "Path" 

If you put them all together, Aikido is the way of bringing energy together.  The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, has since past, but his legacy lives on.  Morihei Ueshiba was better known as O'Sensei or Great Teacher.  The title was given based on the numerous high caliber instructors he inspired and produced.  Unlike most martial arts, this art is based in peace, harmony and a philosophy that is truly touching to the soul.  OSensei was not a tall person, roughly 5 feet tall, but that didn't make much of a difference when it came to his abilities.  The martial art of Aikido that he designed, enables a practitioner to remove the strength and balance from larger people.  One of the primary goals of training in Aikido, is to make a better world through the practice of peace.               

One of O'Sensei's top students was Hikitsuchi Sensei, Judan (10th degree black belt).  Hikitsuchi Sensei taught Aikido at the Kumano Jyuky dojo in Shingu Japan.  In this part of Japan, you will also find the Kumano shrines where O'Sensei made many spiritual trips.  The Kumano Jyuku dojo is well over 60 years old, making it the oldest Aikido dojo in Japan.  Currently, Tasaka Shihan, Nanadan (7th degree black belt) is one of the head instructors at the Kuman Jyuku dojo. Tasaka Shihan makes yearly visits to Tri City Aikido in the Bay area.  

How Aikido Works

Unlike most martial arts, Aikido uses the path of least resistance to accomplish its goals when application is practiced.  A good analogy would be a matador dealing with a charging bull.  The matador uses timing and body position to move to safety.  When training your body and interacting with others on the mat, you will come to understand how you and your training partners body works.  Our job is to open your minds eye through heightened awareness training that unlocks your hidden abilities.  I must also mention, it's a lot of fun. 

There are many Aikido videos on our Tri City Aikido youtube channel.  Here, you can see the uniqueness in our approach to martial arts.  Aikido is the most efficient way of dealing with opposing forces and allows you to develop a relaxed power most other martial arts don't offer.  A martial art that teaches you how to position yourself in such a way where minimum effort is applied for the maximum result.  Imagine dealing with a conflict without colliding or running away from it.  If you struggle during conflict, then you are fighting.  Aikido training takes an opponent through a series of manipulations like joint locks, submissions, pins and throws which will enable you to deal with a larger opponent with ease. 

Traditional Aikido Dojo

Morihei Ueshiba Nachi Falls Aikido self defense rc

A Dojo is:  A place of study or training hall.  The Tri City Aikido dojo specializes in Aikido martial arts training.  Tri City Aikido stays involved with it's local communities and has done so in the Fremont, Newark and Union City areas for over 23 years.  That makes us the senior Aikido dojo in the area.  Anthony Campagna Sensei has lead the charge, holding the rank of Godan (5th degree black belt).  All training in the dojo is done in a traditional Japanese setting.  This includes the culture (language & etiquette), terminology and philosophy associated with the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido.  That means, you can go to Japan and fit right in because we do things the same way.    

Tri City Aikido is a member of the Aikikai Foundation located in Tokyo, Japan.  This is where the present Doshu (Grandmaster) resides and teaches.  Our parent school is the Kumano Jyuku dojo in Shingu, Japan.  Tasaka Shihan, master instructor, teaches at the Kumano Jyuku dojo and makes annual trips to the Bay Area.  We are very fortunate to receive such original teachings of Aikido.  The Kumano Jyuku dojo has been teaching Aikido in Japan for over 60 years and is the "Oldest" Aikido dojo in the world.  Tri City Aikido has received the honor and privalige to be an official satellite school.  

Martial art classes | Self defense

Tri City Aikido offers self defense classes for Adults (Men & Women), (Kids ages 7-12) and Tot's ages 4-6.  Our dojo has had most departments of law enforcement spend time with us.  Everyone from local police, corrections officers, Home land security, Sheriffs and more.  We are probably one of the only Aikido schools that offer Tae kwon do instruction as well.  Unlike mixed martial arts, like boxing, judo or karate, Aikido offers a full curriculum in martial arts.  In Japan, traditional martial arts are more commonly referred to as "Budo".  In authentic Budo training, the use of weapons are commonly practiced.  When training at Tri City Aikido, you can expect just that. Many of the movements stem from the art of sword (kenjitsu) and the art of the long staff (Bojitsu).  We also incorporate the use of the knife (Tanto).The study of traditional Japanese sword and staff are practiced at Tri City Aikido.